We have celebrated the Multiplaier Event of the Bvb Migration Project on October 13 in Vienna

Experts and members of the partnership have participated in it. We have discussed the different problems posed by the phenomenon of immigration and refugees in the EU, and the best ways to address them.

A very interesting debate that will improve the results of our project.

Bvb Migration Project. Very interesting staff meeting in Vienna to harmonize the module structures doing for partners. Thanks for so good meeting!!

We have held the third staff meeting of our Bvb Migration Project on October 12 in Vienna. We have tested the progress of the project and verified that all the work that had been done up to this date has been carried out with a high level of quality. Very good partnership for an excellent Project!!!


Meet our partners:


En.A.I.P. S. Zavatta Rimini is a center for guidance and training services for the work of young people and adults in all sectors of the production and service industries.

The activities of En.A.I.P. S. Zavatta Rimini offer a professional qualification that is attentive to the needs of the market and people and pays special attention to the social and labor integration of the weakest groups. Professional training is understood as a public service for the promotion through the work of the company itself.

BvB Migration project carries out a study on the need for vocational training in refugees prior to vocational training and its implementation in Europe.

If you want more information:

Contact project leadership:

Diakonische Werk des Kirchenkreises


Ralf Kaufmann

Am Holstentor 16

D – 24786 Rendsburg


We presented the BVB Migration project to our partners of the KA2-SENIORS INTRUCTORS FOR EUROPE Project in ELBLAG Poland on February 24, 2019.

Coordinated by Centrum Spotkań Europejskich Światowid, in this project we also work with our partners Euro-Net (Italy), International Exchanges Berlin Molinari & Benedetti GbR (Germany)

They all found a very interesting project

We have presented the BVB Migration project to our project in KA2- youth entrepreneurship education in hospitality and tourism, in Vinnitsya, February 8th.

Coordinator: International Youth Association "Quant", Partners: Cosvitec Societa Consortile ARL, Italy, Social Innovation Centre, Latvia, Development center Pangeya Ultima, Ukraine, Gyumri "Youth Initiative Centre" NGO ARMENIA.

Committed to spreading reflection about vocational preparation


He is Bachelor in Psychology. University of Granada. Master in Management and Development of Human Resources, University of Granada. (Level 8 MECU), Pedagogical Adaptation Course. University of Granada, (Level 8 MECU), Training Manager of the Junta de Andalucía.

More than 15 years as a worker in the Public Administration as Employment Advisor (SAE JUNTA DE ANDALUCÍA)

His areas of work during this time have been focused on Employment Demand Management, Training, Guidance, Occupational Interview, Customized Insertion Itineraries and Management of work contracts to the demanding population. He has worked within his field with clients with immigration backgrounds.


Alejandra Nogueras Brías has accepted to help us and to protect our work in the BvB Migration project, guiding us and contributing all her experience to the debate on Vocational Guidance in which we are immersed. It will also serve its dynamic social networks and its diffusion capacity so that we can achieve the highest transferability of the results.

Degree in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Granada. He attended the master’s degree in teacher training to access teaching. Likewise, he has completed his training with the following non-regulated training courses: Occupational Trainer and Training Manager.

She has also completed the postgraduate training: Expert in labor integration of people at risk of social exclusion and European Project Manager

In addition, she has passed several training courses on new technologies applied in the classroom: Gamification and new technologies in the classroom. Blog, WebQuest and Wiki. Design and didactic use. Application of Moodle to the classroom, etc.

Professional experience:

For 4 years he has worked in the Andalusian Employment Service providing advisory services and guidance to educational and employment level to people seeking employment.

At the International University of Valencia (3 years) he has advised prospective students about the different academic possibilities they could pursue, orienting their vocation towards professional opportunities.

Currently, she works in VET. She acts as tutor and guidance in the professional future of the students she teaches, seeking personal and professional development so that students can integrate into the labor market in the best possible conditions.