We have completed the Bvb Migration project, coordinated by Diakonische Werk des Kirchenkreises, Rendsburg-Eckernförde, Germany, with very serious results, deeply reflected and tested fruits of the two years of hard work carried out by the partners. GOOD JOB!

As part of the project „Vocational preparation and integration into apprenticeship of juvenile refugees and youth with emigrational background” several experts were involved in the production of the results.

The main aims of the project were the prequalification and preparation of apprenticeship for juvenile refugees and youth with emigrational background and to support the choice of an apprenticeship and professional orientation focused on the specific barriers of the target group.

A great work has been done and, as part of the project aims, this work is now available for all interested stakeholders under an open licensee.

The project results address the following topics:

  1. Concept of Measures for vocational preparation of juvenile refugees and youth with emigrational background
  2. Area of profession related qualification modules in the core areas of profession
  3. Supplementing qualification modules concerning social skills
  4. Qualification concept for experts
  5. Good-practice-guideline for advice and support of the target group with the integration into apprenticeship
  6. Guideline for implementation of the concept of measures
  7. Assessment instrument to identify the capability of apprenticeship


Bellow, in the links, you can access all of the results in a PDF format. All of the results are available in English and in one more language (depending on the country of the experts that produced them you can find documents in Spanish, Italian, German, Bulgarian or Slovenian languages).

As part of our efforts for sustainability and follow-up of the project we are implementing we are happy to share these results with us and to support other users in using them into their work with the targeted groups.

  1. General folder (contains all listed bellow):



1.1 Assessment instrument:



1.2 Specific modules:

General link



Sub links Contained

Vocational preparation in relation to professions in the commercial field


Vocational preparation for professions in the craft sector – especially plumber professions”


Vocational preparation in relation to professions in the industrial-technical field – especially electrical engineering professions


Vocational preparation in relation to professions in the environmental field – especially recycling professions


Vocational preparation for professions in the service sector – tourism, hostelry and catering


1.3 Additional Modules

General link



1.3.1 “Social skills II in relation to the vocational preparation – regarding search for training and training in general”


1.3.2 “Social Skills I in relation to Vocational Preparation – General Social Skills Required”


1.4. Good-Practice guideline for the consultation and support of juvenile refugees and youth with emigrational background in the integration into training / apprenticeship


1.5 Guideline for implementation of the measure concept for vocational preparation for juvenile refugees and youth with emigrational background


1.6. Measure concept for vocational preparation for juvenile refugees and youth with emigrational background


1.7 Qualification concept for specialists in vocational preparation


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The Nova Gorica School Center is an educational institution founded by the Republic of Slovenia. It consists of seven organizational units. The Nova Gorica School Center is an educational institution with more than 60 years of tradition, offering a large selection of educational programs from various fields. Over the years, the center has been built, designed and grown, so today we can offer education and training in electrical engineering, computer science, woodworking, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, car service, transport, healthcare, agriculture, catering, food and economics. For all those who decide for general education, we offer a technical high school program with three specializations (electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science).In the field of informatics, mechatronics and agriculture, we are one step further with the introduction of higher professional study. Given the wide range of educational programs, everyone can find the direction that suits them best. In parallel with formal education, we also carry out other activities for integrated professional and personal development. We enable our pupils and students to participate in various sports competitions, participate in domestic and international projects, cultural events, knowledge competitions, clubs and more. The high school programs provide the acquisition of technical knowledge and continuing studies. The School of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Woodworking carries out educational programs: mechanical engineering, mechatronics, logistics, woodworking, car service. The Electrical Engineering and Computer School runs educational programs: electrical engineering and computer science. The technical gymnasium and medical school educate in the field of: technical gymnasiums and medical schools. The Biotechnical School implements educational programs: agriculture, nature conservation, food and catering and tourism. The Secondary School of Economics and Commerce runs educational programs: School of Economics, Economics Technician, Administrator. The Inter-enterprise Education Center takes care of many activities; development-oriented projects, Herbal Center, practical on-the-job training, adult education and student exchanges.
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