In this video we can see Dr. Neli Stefanova, a specialist psychiatrist from Bulgaria, who shared with us three stories, showing how sometimes seemingly small things can really transform people, give them back hope, desire and joy to live fully. She told us three real stories about how art, how a good example and how chance meetings can change three different lives. She started with a woman’s life, then a retired man and last her neighbour.

The purpose of the “Power of Stories” project is precisely the telling of stories to develop creativity, improve self-esteem and promote the social inclusion of vulnerable groups.

Thanks to Dr. Stefanova for sharing with us these three stories!

Transnational Project Meeting in Athens – 20th/21st October 2022

The Power of Stories team has met again and worked on the last aspects of the IO2: Training modules for adult educators.

These months we have been working on the first part of the manual, the theoretical part. It is available on the project website.

The second part of the manual, the practical part, is divided into 2 sections. The first part will include 5 modules dealing with values, with the following structure:

  • Latest sociological and psychological findings (__VALUE__)
  • Adult education in the field of (__VALUE__)
  • Adults in vulnerable situations and (__VALUE__)

The second part will deal with the analysis of the stories that partners collected for IO1 and a set of practical activities to work with adults. Our aim is to set out in this manual how the stories can be used to work with adults to improve their skills/acquire the value.

We discussed deadlines to finish the manual (it will be available in all consortium languages and in English), worked on our dissemination and impact plan and had a final wrap-up session with feedback from participants.

Thanks again for being part of this team, we keep working!

Discover in this video some of the results of our investigation

This research is part of our IO2: Training modules for adult educators - Using stories for adult creativity and empowerment.
  • Use of storytelling as traditions in Europe (oral traditions)
  • Stories to bring us closer. Stories to know the trajectory of immigrants
  • Intergenerational conversations, critical thinking and different perspectives getting values
  • How to change the mindsets of our community through storytelling

La Moebius as a catalyst for stories

We would like to introduce you to La Moebius, a non-profit association created to offer activities aimed at young creators. They focus on Art and Education, with the aim of covering different family and youth needs in the Albaycín neighbourhood and in the city of Granada.

At Moebius they conceive transversal, creative, participative and community-based education as a basis. Through this project and its transversal nature, they aim to strengthen the capacities of the person towards an integral development, thus promoting a more critical, participative and committed citizenship, opening up intergenerational and community dialogue.

Moebius collaborates with numerous associations, organisations, entities and people who carry out activities related to the plastic arts, dance, theatre, singing and photography among others. And it is through these activities and these collaborations that the work of Moebius is made possible, and what concerns us here, the Erasmus+ project "The Power of Stories".

This organisation has provided us with the contact and participation in the events carried out by these professionals, dedicated precisely to this. They teach through a story, through artistic expression as a tool of that transversal thread that are the values that they try to transmit and thanks to them we see how through stories it is possible to transmit these values.