La Moebius as a catalyst for stories

We would like to introduce you to La Moebius, a non-profit association created to offer activities aimed at young creators. They focus on Art and Education, with the aim of covering different family and youth needs in the Albaycín neighbourhood and in the city of Granada.

At Moebius they conceive transversal, creative, participative and community-based education as a basis. Through this project and its transversal nature, they aim to strengthen the capacities of the person towards an integral development, thus promoting a more critical, participative and committed citizenship, opening up intergenerational and community dialogue.

Moebius collaborates with numerous associations, organisations, entities and people who carry out activities related to the plastic arts, dance, theatre, singing and photography among others. And it is through these activities and these collaborations that the work of Moebius is made possible, and what concerns us here, the Erasmus+ project "The Power of Stories".

This organisation has provided us with the contact and participation in the events carried out by these professionals, dedicated precisely to this. They teach through a story, through artistic expression as a tool of that transversal thread that are the values that they try to transmit and thanks to them we see how through stories it is possible to transmit these values.


Each partner has worked on finding stories to work on five values in adult education: vision and goal setting; problem solving; reframing and creativity; empowerment; success and self-esteem.
You will find the stories divided into values, each with its corresponding symbol.
Each story works in parallel with more values, but we wanted to highlight the main value of each of them.
We wish you enjoy your reading!

We have held the Kick Off Meeting of the project in Granada

The Power of Stories Kick Off Meeting took place on the 25th and 26th of October. Thanks to the improvement of the health situation in the countries of the consortium, we have been able to hold this meeting in Granada.

During the last months, the partners have selected 15 stories per association and presented the results at this meeting. Each story has been assigned a main value, within the five values we work with: success and self-esteem; empowerment; reframing, creativity, vision and goal setting.

During the meeting, the partners decided how to present the 60 collected stories, as well as the structure of the future flipbook with the stories. This flipbook will have an introduction to the values and will be divided into chapters according to the value and will contain the corresponding stories.

To conclude Intellectual Output 1 (IO1) of the project, we have presented the research of the partner August Vermeylenfonds and will frame the research of the other partners as a theoretical framework.

As for Intellectual Output 2 (IO2), we have a common reflection on the topics we will deal with in the modules to work on the stories with adults and the structure of these modules. Each partner will cover a specific topic and we have agreed that by the end of December the first theoretical part will be finalised.

The agreed structure for the modules:

  1. Theoretical part

2.Practical application

3.Activities and stories

From AIFED, coordinator of the project, we thank the partners for the work done and we are really happy to have been able to celebrate this meeting. We keep working hard!

We have celebrated 25th of May 2021, the Online Kick-Off Meeting of our project “The power of Stories”
Erasmus + 2020-1-ES01-KA227-ADU-095529

With the participation of all partner involved, we have started our project The Power of Stories with the Kick-off Meeting between the partners. Due to the circumstances of Covid-19, the meeting has taken place online. At the kick-off we have been able to establish the bases of the project and the next steps to take in order to achieve the objectives.

We hope the next one can be face to face!



KA227 ADU – Development of Innovation





Duration: 18 months


The human mind evolved with stories and is shaped by them. Good storytelling can motivate people to do incredible things and is a tremendous advantage in communication. Education and learning are no exception. The world of storytelling is a vast one. It covers the entire world and everything in it, and every century in which there is a record of storytelling having taken place. There is no known culture without some form of storytelling, and the craving to know “what comes next” has been felt by every human being, regardless of age, gender, culture, or century.

Stories also can be used for educational purposes. Storytelling provides other growth opportunities, as stories help listeners to see through another’s eyes and to share the protagonist’s feelings of anger, fear, or love—all from a safe place. Perhaps best of all, stories stretch the imagination. The teller takes the listener to distant places where remarkable things happen. And once stretched, an imagination stays stretched.

Within this project we aim to use the power of stories to ignite creativity in adults and develop their resilience skills and capacity to come up with innovative solutions for different challenges.

For this, 2 Intellectual Outputs will be developed:

IO1: Research and Collection of Stories

Each partner will make a research at local level (regional, national) and collect at least 15 stories that have meaning within the project objectives. The stories will be “tested” with groups of adults at local level – testing that they do have a meaning and they trigger feelings and behaviours.

IO2: Training Course Modules

The training course aim to capacitate adult educators to use storytelling in developing adults creativity, resilience and promote the social inclusion of vulnerable groups. There will be 6 modules for this training course.