Meet our partners: Bluebook srl

Bluebook LTD is a SME communication agency, with a special expertise in social communication and training research. The core of our culture are the values of quality, integrity, respect, entrepreneurial spirit, mutual benefits and citizenship: imaging a world in which work and knowledge are an opportunity for personal growth and economic development, we have been working for about twenty years to realise this idea, through projects and initiatives that help organisations and people to empower themselves, to improve their abilities and skills, to relations with each other, to solve their problem, to communicate in an effective and respectful way.In the educational field we work promoting innovative and equitable approaches by flexible learning pathways and focusing on developing essential skills, intellectual skills and job-specific skills.

In these contexts, our target groups are transversal and usually include young people, women, people living in disadvantaged areas, belonging to different ethnics and cultural backgrounds. Our activities within the framework of social communication are focused mainly, on the following issues:

  • long life learning and transversal skills (mainly entrepreneurship and sense of initiative, learn to learn, cultural awareness)
  • risks and opportunities of the digital media
  • use of OERs as a learning tool
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policies and strategies
  • social agriculture
  • work-life balance

Via San Francesco al Campo, 51, Badni-Diletta-Paradiso, Rivarossa Torino, Italy

We have celebrated our first short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Finland from December 9 to 13, 2019

Hosted by Aarnivalkea School, the students have been able to meet and get to know each other by little games in English, to present their country then the tale they studied and to choose the tales which they wanted to continue working on.

In addition to that, during two afternoons we all had the chance to visit Finland’s capital Helsinki. Everyone enjoyed the guided tour at the Natural History museum of Finland as well as the ferry and the visit to the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress.

We also had time to celebrate Christmas at the annual Christmas Party of Aarnivalkea school. The first experience of the change was unforgettable and everyone is looking forward to the next meeting in Romania in March.

Des stéréotypes à l’égalité de genre

Given the differences in status, considerations and positions observed between men and women in today’s society, our project aims to promote gender equality among the entire educational community to achieve greater social justice In the Europe of tomorrow.

In fact, in our schools, students already have strong prejudices about what girls and boys should be. As a result, men then obtain positions of responsibility; Many women are content with precarious and poorly paid jobs. This infernal cycle is reproduced from generation to generation and is even more present in isolated and disadvantaged populations, as is the case of a large part of the students of the participating schools.

This observation forces us to reflect on gender stereotypes to better combat them. In fact, there can be no real equality between men and women without deconstructing the foundations of gender relations, that is, the historical division of social roles between men and women. These roles are based on philosophical, religious, political, biological or social “justifications” that vary in history and country.

By giving girls and women their rightful place, we are helping to change attitudes and, therefore, promoting gender change to build fairer and more equal societies.