CROSS- Citizenship and Recovery of Opportunities for Suburban Space 2021-1-IT03-KA220-YOU-000028963

CROSS- Citizenship and Recovery of Opportunities for Suburban Space


The aim of the project is to build knowledge and skills to catalyze energies in caring for the community, through innovation actions and awakening the self-determination of younger citizens.

The project CROSS want to spread the culture of "regeneration" of urban spaces, its main objectives are: to develop opportunities for the population groups less involved in local renewal policies, increase the involvement of institutions and stimulate the participation of young people in the territories in order to increase individual and group skills that can be put at the service of the community.

CROSS want to reverse the trend of the reduction in active involvement in decision-making process. Through the project they expect a change of perspective: both as regards the activity of the youth protagonist and in the reinterpretation of the neighborhoods as living spaces where to rebuild the collective bonds and the skills to take care of the community. In particular, the project will focus on strengthening the links between the territorial associations that gravitate around young people and those that are more sensitive to the care of the social and environmental issues of the city, trying to improve communication with the institutions.

In the project, 5 partners from 5 member states of the European Union will work together for 2 years. They come from Spain, Italy, Romania, Portugal and Germany and they are vocational training non-governmental organisations, associations and social enterprises.

The project will run from February 2022 to February 2024.


The partners met for the first time to celebrate the first transnational meeting of the project. The day started with a welcoming ceremony and the presentation of the participants and the collaborations under the leadership of "From2you". All partners made their introductory presentations.

Afterwards, ARCI and LINC gave an important presentation on the overview of the project, the objectives, the expected results, the work plan and the timetable of the project. Subsequently, the first session ended with the presentation of the project management and administration.

During the second working day, we held round table discussions, led by ARCI and LINC, on the strengths, weaknesses, ideas and suggestions of the project. This activity helped us to lay the foundations on which we will work during these months of the project.

Finally, on the third day of work, we started with the discussion of the tools, the dissemination plan and the evaluation plan of the project in the first session of the morning. In addition, there was another round table discussion about the deadlines and the next meeting.

On the last day, all partners flew back to their home countries.

A great start! Thanks to all.