PROGETTO MARCONI is a not for profit association founded in 2012 and aim at contributing to the economic and social development of the individuals and the community.

The main activities offered are training courses for a variety of participants, making sure methodology selected are suitable for the audiences and  the contents are up-to-date and relevant for the labour market and for the individuals’ professional development and personal growth. The association has a wide experiences in Vocational education, apprendiship courses and   training, tutoring and support offered to companies in need of guidance while hiring and training new personnel people.

The trainings and activities offered aim at supporting young people and adults in obtaining the knowledge and skills necessary to the labour market, to increase their possibility for employment, get interested in further upskilling possibilities. The association is  recognised for the quality of their contribution and for their offer close to the individual needs, and their will to creating equal opportunities for training, employment and social inclusion for everyone.

Since the beginning of their activities, the association have been building a strong and wide net of contacts at Regional level, including local administrations, a great variety of companies, many professionals with different background and professionalism. All of them, in different way and measure, contribute to make the training offer richer and more relevant for the local labour market.

The association is accredited by the Piemonte Regional government to deliver professional courses to different sort of beneficiaries, it is certified ISO 9001:2008 and it is accredited to the found FORMATEMP to deliver training to companies and their employees.

Services offered by the association

*Participants’ needs analysis,  course design and programming for the unemployed, youth, special needs and all the other type of audiences at community and provincial level

*lifelong learning opportunities offered to working individuals and the unemployed, delivered following regional standards by highly trained professionals

*vocational trainings offered to young unemployed to increase professionals competences most needed by the labour market

*Companies’ needs analysis to create tailored training offers aimed at increasing workers competences thus contributing to the organization advantage and competitivity

*Selection  of the most appropriate financial tools to be employed to deploy professional courses aimed at the support the development of professional competences of the unemployed and people need of training and re-training

*all-in-one support offered to companies hiring apprentices: contractual suggestions, trainings possibilities, tutoring, learning program and learning outcomes programming and monitoring…

*career management and balance of competences preparation

*Preparation of personalized learning program for personal development and growth

The association offers trainings to more than 200 learners / yearly, aged from 18 – 65, thus covering all kind of different trainings with specific methodologies suited for the different targets, young and unemployed of any age, adults in need for specific training or a re-qualification, women in need for re-freshmen courses, but also companies that need training or retraining their staff in order to compete on the actual market.

The Association is specialised in training in topics as

*Entrepreneurial training with a strong support from the community, mentors and business angels

*courses on coding, computer programming and other similar skills needed by the XXI century work force

*Language courses and laboratories, associated also with specific training and internship programs

*Tourism sector professional courses with the support of experts in tourism, tour guidance, tour agencies and other professionals that will make the training expertise complete from different point of view.

*Accounting, finance, economics and other managerial/organizational trainings