PLEVEN CONTEMPORARY MEDIA FUNDATION was established in 2014. It is the successor of the newspaper \\\"Posrednik\\\" (meaning a mediator), the most influential newspaper in Pleven and the region (issued since November 1991 until March 2015), and of the digital edition, which the foundation continues to publish. In order to continue to carry out the mission to which they have devoted decades, the newspaper owners, together with adherents, registered the “Pleven Contemporary Media Fundation”, to maintain the leading function of the newspaper as a driver of public processes.

The Foundation pursues the following goals: development and affirmation of European values, civil society principles, including freedom of expression and freedom of opinion, by issuing contemporary media in Pleven and the region.

The foundation's team has extensive journalistic and publishing experience. They are in close contact with artists from all fields of art - artists, actors, writers who, through the foundation, would participate in projects under several European funds.

In 2017-2018, they successfully implemented a large project on the subject of cultural and historical heritage, in which more than 2,500 students participated in thematic tourist routes to get acquainted with the history of prominent families and beautiful old buildings in Pleven.