Our three sports seminars

Today we would like to take a look at our three seminars about sport.

Sport is often associated with long training days and the need for physical exertion. Sports fields as well as sports equipment and stressed bodies can be associated with this kind of activity. However, it should be noted that not all sports contain such criteria because there are both active and passive sports.

Active sports are all activities that require participants to keep constantly exercising and score as many points as possible by performing certain acrobatic actions. Active sports are, for example, football, basketball or tennis. Passive sports, on the other hand, are all those in which participants have to use their logical thinking to solve certain problem situations, such as playing chess or golf.

In addition, we discussed the impact of sport on our physical and mental well-being. Sport has a great impact on a person's daily life and health. It not only provides an exciting routine, but also a healthy body. Physical activities such as sport improve, for example, the functioning of the heart, reduce the risk of diabetes, control blood sugar and lower stress and tension levels. It also brings positive energy, discipline and other rewarding qualities to your life. In addition, physical exercise also plays a key role in improving mental and psychological well-being, for example, in reducing anxiety or depression.

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