OUR COORDINATOR: Arci Comitato Territoriale Livorno APS (Livorno, Toscana, Italy)

Arci is a voluntary association founded in 1995 to promote the culture of solidarity in politics and institutions and to practice voluntary activities as solidarity support for the weakest groups.

The association is committed to policies for the inclusion of socially disadvantaged people from the world of exclusion and social hardship.

Arci has always played a role in promoting culture with the awareness that culture is a decisive element in the progress and growth of a community.

In recent years, Arci has focused its activity on the promotion of those realities of the territory that try to express themselves by giving priority to originality and experimentation with new languages. They have done this through various initiatives in the territory.

Thanks to a constant and in-depth analysis of the needs of the territory, Arci has managed to respond to the needs of the territory with services aimed at users with multifactorial problems of discomfort, with strong connotations of marginality and social exclusion and to invest in the resources and capacities of the users themselves and reinvest them in socio-rehabilitative circuits, focusing on autonomy and empowerment.


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