Our brochure ‘STORIES OF GOODNESS’ is ready

The project “Manage the COVID crisis with Care, reasOn, Values, unIty, soliDarity” is a response to the global crisis which tried to stop the “rotation of the Earth”.

The 8 partner organizations held 10 debates with experts, public figures and citizens in all participating countries.

As a result of the discussions during the debates and through research work, we collected 42 “STORIES OF GOODNESS”: photos and stories of help and empathy; personal experiences, shared by different people, with all kinds of professions; good practices from the experience of doctors, NGOs, communities, cities and even entire countries.

Our brochure shines a light on the everyday, quiet act of kindness that we believe is more contagious than the virus.

CLICK HERE TO SEE IT: https://www.care-on.eu/

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