On October 4 and 5, 2,018, we held in Rendsburg, Germany, the first staff meeting of the BvB Migration project, coordinated by our colleagues from DIAKONIE Rendsburg Eckernförde

Erasmus+ Project BvBMigration + Vocational Preparation and Integration into Apprentices hip of juvenile Refugees and Youth with emigrational Background


Development of a European wide uniform concept of measures to give disadvantaged youngsters and young adults with any emigrational background a vocational preparation to improve there chances of entering the apprenticeship-market

2.Qualification-concept for experts, to improve trainer, social worker and others working with above mentioned youngsters in preparing them for apprenticeship.


  • Concept of measures for vocational preparation for youngsters with any emigrational background
  • 5 Fields of vocation related qualification modules
  • 2 additional qualification modules to achieve missing social competencies and skills •Qualification concept for experts doing the vocational preparation
  • Good-practice guideline for supporting the target group in integration into apprenticeship •Guideline for implementation of the measures
  • Assessment-instrument to evaluate the maturity to apprenticeship

A fantastic project with experienced partners that will undoubtedly give great results.

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