On November 25 and 26 we held in Winsen, Germany, the first staff meeting to organize the activities of the DIGIRE Digital Relationships good practices exchange project, coordinated by our colleagues from Systeme in Bewegung e.V. has been approved by the German National Agency with number 2018-1-DE02-KA204-005029

In a world in which digitization permeates all areas of life, personal reflection is needed to promote the effective use of digital technologies. While most people, especially the young generation of “digital natives”, have the technical-instrumental know-how to skilfully navigate virtual social spaces, there is a lack of awareness of how digital interactions affect real life. We want to meet this open question with our project. Instrumental media literacy has long been understood as a key competence. However, understanding and attention to how relationships shape and change in the digital age should also be developed to promote healthy personal development. Social networks have grown so fast in recent years that social-cultural introspection does not seem to have lagged behind-what does it do to me and my family, skyping with grandparents, using a family chat, taking pictures of our children?

Publish Instagram and know some friends only on facebook? The aim of our partnership is to reflect on the opportunities and risks of these everyday developments together – and culture-specific in different countries – to think and research, to exchange ideas, to highlight positive and negative effects and to find various ways of dealing with them.

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