The law and values ​​of the European European Union are committed to human rights, freedom and peace in Europe. To this end, the NEW WALLS Project intends to organize several conference and debate events, both in specialized circles and for all interested citizens. Through educational projects in schools and for students, we will address legal issues and raise awareness about the values ​​of Europe in particular. We will also work for the historical development of law in European countries. Dialogue and exchange on different legal systems will be implemented through educational conferences and events.

The NEW WALLS / NUEVOS MUROS project, faces the current challenges facing Europe in the face of growing Euroscepticism and political disenchantment, in this sense, the removal of new walls is the key to shaping the future of Europe. Therefore, all the partners of the project, and the Town Halls of the cities in which it is developed, are committed to democracy and freedom and to never again separate us new walls.

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