Music School of Kavala, Greece – Coordinator

Music School of l Kavala is a public Greek School which was established in 1996. Located in the city of Kavala, a city 2500 years old situated right next to northern coasts of deep blue and crystal clear the Aegean Sea, opposite the emerald island of Thasos. The school belongs to the secondary stage of education and involves high school and lyceum levels, ages of students from 13 to 18 years old. Its potential numbers 50 teachers of general and music education and 210 students. The aim of the Music School of Kavala is the preparation and training of young people who wish to invest in a career in the music field and at the same time not to be deficient in general education in a case that finally decides to choose another academic or professional field.

Apart from general knowledge subjects like maths, language, history etc are taught in addition, music and art classes. In Music Education courses students study on an equal basis Greek Traditional Music, European (classical and contemporary) music and also History of Art &Theater. The purpose of the establishment of the Music School of Kavala is the aesthetic culture of pupils through music education, without lagging behind in general education. This objective is being achieved by teaching music and art lessons, along with general courses as well as and in taking part in various events such as Ensembles, Theatre, Music Contests & others. The objectives of the school, in general, is well-education, cultivating a democratic culture, cooperation between members of the school community, self-motivation, and initiative. In particular, at the Music School of Kavala, we believe that these objectives can be achieved through the combination of classical educational knowledge, culture and artistic culture of music. In addition, the Music School of Kavala helps to develop creativity, to highlight the talents and cultivation of the sensitivity of each student.

In more details, the school provides educational opportunities to young people who intend to expand their knowledge and skills on the music field and to receive also a lyceum degree certificate.

The school beyond its educational activities has a significant presence in the cultural and social life of the city through the participation of its musical schemes in performances and musical shows. It has received many awards in Art competitions for students both in regional and National level. It has also collaborated and worked with distinguished artists as well as with many schools both in Greece and abroad.

At the same time, every year implements numerous programs of School Activities on Environmental Education, Health Education, Cultural Affairs and Education Career. In order to carry out all the previously mentioned activities, every year collaborates with most of the institutions and groups not only of our city but from the whole region.