Mezoturi Kozmuvelodesi es Sport Kozhasznu Nonprofit Kft.

The Mezőtúr Cultural and Sport Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd. was founded by the Municipality of Mezőtúr in 2009. The company has 22 employees including altogether 8 graduates in the field of public education, community development and public collection. Its tasks include public education at local level, the maintenance of the Túr Pottery Museum and the rural heritage building, and the organization of sports events. The headquarters of the company is the town community centre, which houses most of the local CSOs the members of the majority of which are mainly pensioners. Therefore it can be stated that the institution is the centre of cultural life of the elderly community. There is a heritage conservation group that nurtures old traditions; a folk embroidery group, a folk singing group, a photo club – with more than 100 members altogether. It is also in close contact with the Bodoki Fodor Local History Association, which manages the town’s local history collection, and also runs a genealogy club which comprises members of the older generation and has 15-20 core members gathering on a weekly basis. It organizes balls, excursions, quiz events and performances for the groups. The Túr Pottery Museum is the museum of the town, the collection of which comprises the material and documentary material of the local ceramic culture and is one of the largest public collections of its kind in the country. In addition to exhibitions and professional events, the museum education program is a significant part of the institution's work - we have been organizing such events for visitors between kindergarten and retirement age for 15 years now. 3 members of our staff is involved in the organization of these programmes that attract around 500-600 participants a year.