MEET OUR PARTNERS : Sambucusforum vzw

Sambucusforum is a not for profit organization that was founded in 2005.

It consists of a group of senior and retired people, former educators and teachers, employers and managers. They form an interesting network of entrepreneurial seniors who engage themselves in projects that will help to offer low skilled people the possibility to upgrade their competences.  In that respect methods and ready-to-use methodologies are worked out in adult literacy learning situations to encourage and to bring functional illiterates to active participation in society. Research has been done by a group of members on the obstacles and barriers functional illiterates may meet and on didactic methods to stimulate their speaking and reading skills in everyday life.

The organization Sambucusforum regularly organizes courses and readings on economic and social problems. Especially initiatives are taken to reach and to coach the vulnerable target group of young people that cannot easily find a job. Research has been done by key persons of the board on employability, employment, skills and learning for economic development in “learning cities and regions”. The key persons involved are senior academics and teachers interested in and working on targeted training  in collaboration with industry and the world of labor offering chances to a wide range of target groups, including young unemployed people.