Meet our partners: 9o Dimotiko Sxolieo Alexandroupoli

Our school is the 9th Primary School of Alexandroupoli in the north of Greece.

We have 320 students, from 6 to 12 years old, who come from various social, economic and cultural backgrounds and have different educational needs. We are 32 teachers - class teachers as well as specialist teachers - working for a modern democratic, happy and humane school. Our aim is to fulfill the cognitive and socialization roles of the school through modern teaching methods and means(computers, projectors, interactive whiteboards), good planning, a good organization of the teaching facilities and a harmonious, serious and responsible cooperation of the school, the parents and the students. Primary education lasts for 6 years and the students are taught  their mother tongue, maths, history, science, geography, physical education, drama, computer studies, music, environmental studies, art, religion and foreign languages (English- in all classes- German or French in classes 5 and 6). In our school we have students with special needs. They are included in the general education classes but receive extra help from specialized staff at an individual level (parallel support) or at a group level (special needs class).

The school has an adequately equipped computer lab where the students of all classes become familiar with the basic functions of computers. In all the classrooms there are computers which are used as teaching aids, research tools and as communication and information search tools.

Ρόδου 36, Αλεξανδρούπολη, Grecia