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Diakonisches Werk des Kirchenkreises Rendsburg-Eckernförde gGmbH – Germany

Diakonisches Werk des Kirchenkreises Rendsburg-Eckernförde gGmbH – Germany is a church institution that stands on the foundation of Christian faith. The mission is living love of our neighbours. In this way the institution works for the cohesion of society and in solidarity with all people.

The Christian view of humanity finds its active expression in a value-oriented work ethic. The instiution believes that every person is worthy of love, respect and appreciation and that every person is responsible for himself and before God.

As a value, the institution accepts all people as they are and respect their dignity regardless of their religious and ideological convictions. We help all people, regardless of their problems and burdens.

The organisational culture is based on acting economically and pursue the goal that the work areas support each other. We handle resources with care. We involve our employees in the development processes of the organisation. Within the framework of our diaconal mission, we adopt a socially critical attitude.

The framework conditions for our work are laid down in our statutes.

As a non-profit organisation, we work economically, in accordance with collective agreements and with the participation of our employee representatives. We fulfil our mission with intercultural tolerance and within the legal framework applicable to us. Our work is financed by the church district and other funding agencies, with whom we work in partnership.