Martfu Városi Muvelodési Kozpont és Konyvtár Hungría

The Martfu city Cultural Center and Library is a complex cultural institution, which is responsible for the rich cultural life of the citizens of Martfű. Equipped with great infrastructure and located in an imposing building, operates the library, along with a local- and industrial history collection, a cinema and the office of the local news media. All areas of culture, education and Leisure is available for all age groups. The goal of the institution’s cultural programs, is to grow the cultural awareness of all visitors, provide opportunity to understand it, provide entertainment and active recreation inside with its community events. It also took the responsibility to host and organize local events, national holidays, twin town meetings and international programs. It’s also the operator of the Martfű house of Craftsmanship, that comprises of a gingerbread baking workshop and a folk furniture exhibition hall. All these tasks are handled by 12 permanent and 8 employees from the public work program. Or main policy is to build cultural development as a significant social development program. We believe that culture have a significant influence on the individual, the community and the Society. We believe, that the meaningful cultural life sustains the healthy working of our community, our modernization progress, and enriches the life of the citizens of our city. The museum collections goal is to strengthen the identity of our citizens, pointing out the importance of cultural heritage. it plays a central role of planning events and programs. Using the past to gain wisdom on problems in the present times: Choice of role in the society, intergenerational relationship, alienation. The institution is a central for civil organizations. It supports more than 10 organizations, most of them comprising of senior citizens. The Cultural Center provides a location for linguistic, scientific, mental-hygienic lectures and courses. Among the Motional, artistic and heritage-preserving groups, the groups related to the library and or local heritage collection, we provide meaningful leisure time activities and opportunity for learning for all age groups. Visitors of regularly scheduled events exceeds 600 and our larger events draws in 2000-3000 people. Elderly people are regular visitors of events, they actively participate in performances, exhibitions, and holiday celebrations, museum and library events as part of a civil group, or individually.