LTTA of the project in Granada, 15 – 18 October

The partners have discovered the treasures of Granada during these meeting days.

First of all, we visited the Science Park of Granada and took part in a guided tour. After this activity, the partners evaluated the visit and we have recorded the responses of the partners (podcast), to discuss whether it is a recommended activity for adults, according to the responses, 100% recommended!

On the second day of the meeting, SECOT joined us and we had the opportunity to have a closer look at their work. SECOT is an association whose volunteers are Seniors. Professionals, managers and entrepreneurs who, having finished their working activity or who are still active, offer their experience and knowledge in business or academic management to those who need it.

We carry out activities to get to know the treasures that surround us and unite us. 'Gardens in Europe' and 'Typical Spanish dishes' helped the consortium to learn more about the riches we have.

In relation to the activity of the gardens, we visited the Federico García Lorca park, as well as the museum inside it and we carried out another activity about the plants that we find in the different countries and parks dedicated to emblematic figures.

We thank everyone for their efforts and we continue to move forward with this wonderful project.