Linc SCS Onlus

Linc SCS Onlus is a non-profit social cooperative operating in the field of community psychology. It was born from the meeting of a social cooperative and an association and together they operate for the planning of community.

Linc run the planning of projects in every phase even for European projects, following the partners every step of the way: from the search for tenders to the realisation of the project and its evaluation.

  • Community: work on the realisation of individual and local resources
  • School: facilitate an efficient adaptation towards the challenges
  • Health: welfare and health, Linc help the interaction between biological, social and psychological factors
  • Education: training intervention starting from an exploration of the needs

With his work Linc aim to explicit and integrate the needs of everyone, searching for a continuous design and scientific insight in their activities. They collaborate to give the community the proper awareness tools and implement an integrated rehabilitation in the healthcare.

Linc in Italian is the acronym for Working Together In the Community, but it also alludes to the English word link and alludes to ties, to collaboration, to the idea that "nobody saves himself alone".

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