Kunszentmártoni Általános Művelődési Központ – Hungary

The Cultural Centre of Kunszentmárton is a budgetary institute which undertakes multiple tasks. Parts of the institute are a museum, a library, a cultural centre and a kindergarten. Currently, in 9 buildings, 27 employees, 23 public employees and volunteers work to meet the demands of the local and surrounding area’s (Tiszazug subregion) residents.

The institute has many years of earnest experience with the education of young children and teenagers and has achieved notable success in this field. The museum has received the national museum-pedagogical certificate of merit twice. (2014, 2017). The kindergarten was one among 12 kindergartens of the country, given the Award Kincses Kultúróvoda 2016 (Cultural Treasure Kindergarten 2016), due to the innovative collaboration with our cultural institutes. Our museum has collected multiple national, county and local awards, thanks to our outstanding museum-pedagogical and cultural community building activities. Our Study Repository, which won the title of Tourism virtue of the county, serves as a learning opportunity for the elderly, as well. Our regular and periodic exhibitions, interactive guided tours, museum lessons, activities and events provide entertainment and learning opportunities from kindergarten-age to the elderly.