Istanbul Avrupa Arastirmalari Dernegi, IAAD,Turquía

İstanbul Avrupa Araştırmaları Derneği (IAAD) is established under the form of not for profit Civil Society Organisation (CSO). Its main activities are organised in three spheres: Education and Training, Societal Challenges, and innovation and technology. IAAD plan and implement an average of 20 activities per year on a regular basis. Target groups – Youth (15-29 years old) and Youth Workers essentially, juveniles (10-13 years old), and adults, more particularly people with Special Education Needs (SEN), NEET, people with fewer opportunities or at risk of marginalization. The main aim of IAAD's engagement in SSH initiatives are to raise-awareness on innovations as key drivers to strengthen social cohesion and lower social inequalities. Migrants/refugees inclusion, cultural heritage and traditions – IAAD promotes specific inclusion programmes targeting the migrant population. Initiatives aim at assisting local and regional communities to increase employability with tailored learning programmes, innovative community development models (community cooperatives), promoting and supporting the capitalization of experiences from elderly generations, linking them with Youth and the ICT sphere.