I.I.S.S. “Carlo Maria Carafa” Mazzarino, Italy

The school, located in Mazzarino, is a three-storey modern building, there are 33 school classes,1 gym, 3 IT labs, 1 language lab. School classes are large, comfortable and sunny most of the time. Mazzarino is a very ancient town, its origin can be traced back to the XIII century. Lifestyle is very quiet and even a bit boring for young people, there are few pubs, and no cinemas, theatres, or discos, there are just one swimming pool and a few playing fields. Agriculture is the main economic activity.

The school year starts mid- September and finishes in early June, we have a fortnight holiday at Christmas and 5 days at Easter. Lessons start at 08.00 and end at 14.00.

In school there are four types of courses:

1) Liceo Classico where Latin and Greek are the most important subjects;

2) Liceo delle Scienze umane in which students are concerned mainly with Social Studies;

3) Tecnico Commerciale (Accountancy and Business)

4) Tecnico Geometri (Topography and Constructions)

5) High School (predominant disciplines biology, science, chemistry, etc.)

6) Hotel Institute address where students are formed for catering and facilities albeghiere

7) Textiles Institute address where students are formed in the field of fashion and tailoring.

Pupils attending fall in Bucket 14/19 and the total pupils 1320

Common subjects for all courses are: Italian, History, Mathematics, English.  Students are not only from Mazzarino but also from Riesi and Butera, near towns. The social environment is friendly and relaxed, there are no acts of vandalism or bullying. Students are involved in most decisions concerning them.