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Volunteering, learning and training opportunities for
European youth and non-european partnership organizations


AIFED is implementing the Project Volunteering, learning and training opportunities for European youth and non-european partnership organizations, granted by the Diputación de Granada through the framework “III for youth” of the 2020 call for aid.

The Project aims to inform and train youngsters from the province of Granada within the different training and orientation opportunities that are offered to them along the international framework.

We consider essential to offer all the information in an easy way to approach in order to reach the máximum of youth people, due to the COVID 19 situation will represent a huge problem for the economy sustainability and development during the next months that will affect mostly to this segment of population.

Taking advantage of this “stop situation” we look upon to encourage youngster to participate on international meetings, to do volunteering services or any act aimed to boost the activity of their villages, towns and cities.

The youngsters will be able to access throughout an online platform to all the information gathered and distributed in several modules depending on their main interest área (Volunteering service, traineeships, training courses, entrepreneurship…). AIFED aspires to make easier for youngsters the access to the information by using dinamic and handy presentations that will be linked to the main informative websites.

This online platform was envisaged to offer a new tool to the small Town Halls of the city of Granada as well, for the sake of let them to know the opportunities that are being offered. However, even the trainers from these public institutions, sometimes have a skewed vision of the international scope, and they are not able to provide the required help by the youngsters of their villages and towns. That is why, we strongly believe that this tool will offer an interesting opportunity for all the targeted people groups, since we will offer all the sources to fins out relevant information about what the European Union is making available to youth.

Programme Contents:

  1. What is the European Union? Which are the institutions in charge of helping youth people?
  2. Volunteering Service – European Solidarity Corps
  3. Erasmus + Youth mobility and Youthworkers Projects
  4. Would you like to undertake? Get to know what EISMEA offers to you.
  5. Eramus for Young Entrepreneurs
  6. Grants, Internships, Professional traineeships in the European Union.

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