Future Focus Malta

Future Focus has been working on the topic of senior education for a number of years now. Basically, the elderly people organise story telling sessions and children from different schools listen to their stories. The stories are then written and compiled into a book which language teachers use to teach English or any other language in which the stories are written. The elderly people really enjoy these sessions as it gives them the opportunity to tell their own stories and experience. It also helps to document information about the different ways of life in different countries. Newark School from Malta is one of the schools we work with.

During this Erasmus + project the children collected the stories from the elderly people and then a number of activities were carried out to teach language and culture. It was a very interesting experience to work with the children, the teachers and the elderly people.

Our organisation helps to organise activities to encourage people to be more active and more often thus reducing the risk of obesity and problems associated with lack of exercise. Together with the Malta Health and Exercise Association we have organised a number of walking activities in addition to indoor activities for the elderly. These activities are very enjoyable and the participation is very good. A number of speakers are invited to give information about different topics that improve the health and quality of life of the elderly.