FORM2YOU (Sintra, Portugal)

Non-profit Association that aims to empower people, groups, organizations and communities to respond autonomously to the demands and needs of the social inclusion process. It also develops social activities aimed at children, youth, adults and the elderly.

Work areas:

  • Support a wide range of initiatives to promote social inclusion through culture, ranging from the promotion of artistic practices by and for disadvantaged groups, to the dissemination of accessible digital content, to the promotion of integrated projects with a cultural basis for local development, to integration into the labour market in socio-cultural areas, and also to the promotion of equal opportunities in cultural enjoyment.
  • To promote the social inclusion of children and young people from vulnerable socio-economic contexts, aiming at equal opportunities and the strengthening of social cohesion, prioritising the descendants of immigrants and disadvantaged communities.
  • Set of actions aimed at promoting the empowerment of potentially vulnerable groups, focusing primarily on the development of personal and social skills.

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