Fem’trepreneur Project – Session 3. Debate: It’s a matter of justice!

On June 22, the second debate of the Fem’trepreneur project was held. This time, the topic was "women-only shows are unfair to men." Two international teams with debaters from Macedonia, India and Spain, argued for what reasons it is necessary or not, to continue offering specific aid to women, especially in the field of entrepreneurship, employment and education. As in the previous discussion, the teams followed the Oxford Union rules.

The proposition team, in favor of the motion, won the debate again, mainly due to the coordination of both team members. We want to remember, as was done in the previous session, that the debate is a very useful tool that helps us to practice in different scenarios, different justifications, with which we do not necessarily have to agree, this allows us to prepare for situations future realities, and have a better response when the time comes.

We want to congratulate both teams and all the participants for their participation and for the high-level debate they have given us. Once again we have been able to count on people from very different countries, which offers us even greater wealth to deal with these issues (Spain, France, Italy, Albania, Macedonia, Turkey, Morocco, Sweden, India, Portugal and Pakistan).

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