Fem’trepreneur Project – Session 2. Debate: Let’s talk about stereotypes!

Today, June 15, the first debate that will take place within the Fem’trepreneur project was held. Two teams made up of people from different countries (France, Morocco, Italy and Turkey), have debated in pairs, about one of the biggest gender stereotypes that exist today, “women are more emotional than men”, and against which in many countries they are still fighting, since it is sometimes used to detract from women, and justify why they should not hold positions of high responsibility in companies or governments.

With the approach of these debates, it is sought to enrich the opinion of the debaters and the attendees, to encourage them to think in a different way than they probably usually do, to defend a position that a priori is contrary to their thoughts and above all, to endow responsiveness to future similar injustices they may witness, as they have received prior training in dealing with this stereotype during this drill.

The debate tool is powerful and very useful, it helps to develop a much more critical and deep thinking, and it helps you to question the why of things. During these sessions, we will be using the Oxford Union discussion rules, which stipulate four speeches per team with the following structure:


  • Moderator: Presentation of the motion.
  • Proposition team debater 1: definitions and presentation of arguments (4 minutes)
  • Debater 1 of the opposition team: definitions and presentation of arguments (4 minutes)
  • Debater 2 proposition: arguments (4 min).
  • Debatr 2 opposition: rebuttal and arguments (4 min)
  • Debater 1 proposition: refutation and arguments (3 min).
  • Debater 1 opposition: refutation and arguments (3 min).
  • Debater 2 proposition: Conclusion (3 min).
  • Debater 2 opposition: Conclusion (3 min).
  • Deliberation of judges (5 min) - Observers' comments (5 min)
  • Announcement of the winning team and closing of the debate.


The proposition team finally won, in favor of the motion, due to a great performance by both team members. We want to congratulate both teams and all the participants for their participation and for the high-level debate they have given us. Once again we have been able to count on people from very different countries, which offers us even greater wealth to deal with these issues (Spain, France, Italy, Albania, Macedonia, Turkey, Morocco, Sweden).


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