Fem’trepreneur Project – Session 1. Introduction to Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

Today, June 3, the Fem’trepreneur project has launched with a first session full of curious facts, high participation and good opinions from the attendees. Today's workshop has focused on establishing the foundations of the project, in which during the following sessions the rest of the discourse on gender equality and women's empowerment will be built, which is intended to be achieved with the execution of this project.

The workshop has started with the definitions of innovation and social entrepreneurship, and has been developed, mixing the questions to the audience with data on different countries, what are the opportunities for entrepreneurship according to sex, and the first examples of social entrepreneurship led by women .

At the end of the session, a lively debate arose spontaneously, a moment that different participants took the opportunity to give their vision from the country where they lived, or had resided for much of their lives.

From here we want to thank both the participants and the partner organizations, because together we managed to start an international project, with participants from eight different countries! (Italy, Spain, Romania, Albania, Turkey, Morocco, Sweden and Pakistan).


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