Fédération Des Associations Réflexion-Action, Prison Et Justice (Paris, France)

The aim of FARAPEJ is, "on the basis of the Declaration of Human Rights, to contribute to the improvement of the operation of the justice system and the police and to act to limit the destructive effects of prison". To this end, FARAPAPEJ brings together individuals and federated associations that work for justice and wish to develop a reflection in the service of action.

FARAPEJ was founded on 6 April 1991, under the sponsorship of 51 personalities from the world of Penitentiary Justice. It brings together seventy associations spread throughout France. These local, regional or national associations constitute a network of approximately 6,000 volunteers and 650 employees. In addition to the associations, there are individual members who contribute their skills and expertise.

The Federation's actions:

  • Animate the network and support members in their actions.
  • Training and informing actors in the field of prison justice
  • Support people facing imprisonment or criminal justice
  • To inform the general public on penitentiary and prison issues
  • To develop proposals to improve the operation of the justice system.


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