Europroodos Educational Group Single Member Private Company (Larissa, Grecia)

EUROPROODOS Group operates since 1994 as an independent legal entity for the implementation of Lifelong Learning Programmes, aimed at unemployed, employed, self-employed and socially sensitive groups, as well as activities related to this activity.

It is one of the first private organizations in Greece in the field of vocational training, which has trained and certified until today more than 30.000 people, constantly investing in modern training programs, enriching their skills.

In its trajectory, EUROPROODOS Group has successfully participated in the following actions:

  • Implementation of continuing vocational training and lifelong learning programmes for unemployed, employed, self-employed and people belonging to sensitive social groups.
  • Elaboration of integrated training packages for human resource development in companies
  • Development of research and studies
  • Counselling for persons belonging to vulnerable social groups