European Documentation Center of Granada 16-10-2019: Workshop Walls of Spain

From New Walls Spain we have decided to take the start of the project by first carrying out an awareness exercise with ourselves.

In doing so, we tried to uncover what the needs of Spain were prior to the knowledge of the New Walls; and we conclude that the whole of Spanish society had a very serious problem and was the “ignorance” of the European Union and its work, its most recent history, the reasons for our accession to the union , that is, we consider that society as a whole has a great misinformation with respect to the union to which it belongs.

In this workshop we treat the following walls of Spain:

  1. Youth Work:
    In which the attendees expressed great concern about the qualification of the Spaniards and the fateful labor market in which we find ourselves, so that for a young man it is almost impossible to find a job after finishing his studies. For them, this was a big problem that will have a huge impact on the future, so it is better to prevent a wall than to create it.
  1. Education:
    They encompassed the issue of education in a broader sense by publicizing the profound misinformation in which people live, not because they cannot access information media, but because the population has not been taught to think for themselves, they insisted much in which a great problem or wall was Spain was the education of its inhabitants.
  1. Prejudices:
    Attendees consider prejudice the basis and problem of all the differentiation or identity problems of Spain, they agreed that Spain was a multicultural country, so all Spaniards should be tolerant with respect to other areas of Spain, since there are numerous prejudices or teasing that affect the unit, considered that the prejudice was not the wall, but the spark that produces it.
  1. Global Spain:
    The attendees also considered that Spain is still beginning to globalize and that one of the country’s problems is that its inhabitants still had a mental wall that closed opportunities to open their vision, try new projects, etc.

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