Contemporary Pleven Media Foundation (CPMF) was founded in Pleven in 2014. Its team consists of journalism and humanitarian educated people and volunteers. CPMF is the successor of the regional daily newspaper "Posrednik", published from 1991 to 2015, which now, as an online medium, continues the newspaper's mission to be a driver of public processes.

CPMF is an institution advocating civic education, for the construction and activation of civil society. The informal discussion club "Pleven 13", created by the foundation, is a space to discuss current local issues and has achieved several important breakthroughs in our community: promoting civic activity and, in particular, is a priority for our foundation. We encourage intergenerational meetings and debates so that the European project is presented as history and experience and enriched by the ideas of young people.

The sustainable co-development of European countries and the strengthening of horizontal and vertical dialogue is a mission of the CPMF.