Closing of the Fem’trepreneur Project – Session 4. Round Table. Social entrepreneurship for a better world.

All projects come to an end, and today Fem'trepreneur has done it, a project that has lasted 4 weeks, in which they have been talking about entrepreneurship and social innovation, the role of women and stereotypes that we have learned to cope. How could it be otherwise, this last session has been a great tribute to all those entrepreneurial women that we have had the opportunity to meet. For this, we decided to invite both company founders, presidents of social companies, and even coordinators of educational projects who seek training equally for men and women, in the field of entrepreneurship.

Thanks to our special guests today, who have found a space in their agendas to share their experiences with us, and inspire us with their experiences and stories of overcoming: María José Martínez (Secretary of AIFED), Daniele Delle Case (Founder of Signally) , Gürkan Akçaer (President of System and Generation), Asif Khan (President of Center of Capacity Building and Empowerment), Roberta Gilardi (Founder of G2 Accelerator), Regina García (Project Coordinator of the University of Granada), Mónica Pernas (Founder of Clínica Mónica Pernas), Ana Cristovão (Founder of Neurosov), Sara Cuéllar (Founder of Oasis Tierra), Sandra Leyva (President of the EntreJuegos Association).

We continue working on more Project! StayTuned!

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