CITIZENSLAB (Berlin,Germany)

CitizensLab is a European network of local actors/practitioners of change. Born in 2016, this network has been experimenting, prototyping and inventing with citizens new forms of expression.

CitizensLab is a space where individuals can cultivate themselves, their own personal transformation in order to co-create the commons of democracy that lead to radical changes of governance. They work towards seeing themselves, individually and collectively, and all people of wider Europe, being core and part of collectively caring for the governance of our lives, it is defined Democracy as Commons.

The aim of CitizensLab is to connect and strengthen active citizens from all sectors of society that are passionate about their local communities. The CitizensLab alumni members (people) represent a diverse spectrum of active citizens engaged in NGOs and public administration, but also social entrepreneurs, cultural managers, artists, hacktivists or academics that have been involved in the piloting phase of CLab.

CitizensLab aim to provide solution for contemporary challenges by innovating, experimenting, constant learning and adapting in order to let a systematic change to emerge.

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