Changes&Chances (Noord-Brabant, Netherlands)

C&C is a network of institutions and freelancers which realises professional and artistic educational programmes for the underprivileged and people who have been or are in danger of coming into contact with justice and criminal law.

C&C looks after the interests of all those in the Netherlands who are professionally involved in prevention, detention and rehabilitation. We are a point of contact for authorities, politics, education, business and organisations dealing with prevention, detention and rehabilitation.

C&C aims to contribute to a structural and integrated policy and budget for arts education in rehabilitation programmes in all institutions dealing with justice, prevention of criminal behaviour and recidivism.  C&C aims at the highest possible level of schooling, skills development and opportunity creation.

Our organisation:

  • Stimulates development and innovation in an international context
  • Participates in European and pilot projects
  • Organises symposia
  • Knowledge about funding and grant opportunities
  • Development of an informative website

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