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Reparatur- und Service-Zentrum R.U.S.Z

The repair and service center R.U.S.Z, as a non-profit social enterprise, is committed to conserving resources through repair services and creating meaningful job opportunities for people from the margins of the labor market.
In order to do justice to this social mission, the R.U.S.Z also employs people who can do less. This works because the social and ecological goals come before profit orientation. An economically balanced mix of top performers in the company enables the integration of weaker people in various ways. At the same time, an attempt is made to give as many employees as possible the opportunity to develop their strengths in the course of permanent employment at R.U.S.Z.


The family is the smallest system in European society.
The starting point for the construction of democracy and social change, and therefore
deserves special support.
Thanks to our counseling and education work, we know families are always looking for
help on similar issues, which "hooks" on almost all of the same places. We wonder if
this is the case in the European Community everywhere, the Greek, German and
Austrian Fathers have the same problems. And as with our partners, read solutions to
these problems and the like.
What forms of good communication, dealing with money, education (media), family
reconciliation and work did parents find in other European countries?
What suggestions can we get from other organizations that have parents and children,
how can we improve our work?
To find out, we exchanged ideas in a consortium of DE, AT, BG, ES and GR and,
therefore, become more professional. Experience has found that many parents feel
relieved to discover that they are not alone in their problems. Therefore, we will
disseminate the results of the project through an online article that describes the
management of family problems in comparison with other European countries and
shows different solutions.
This completes the main objective, an additional professionalization of our
organizations. Therefore, the direct target groups are the employees of the
organizations that, through their work, carry out the results to other organizations and
to the indirect target group of parents and families.
Not only do individual organizations benefit from European exchanges, but families can
also have the feeling that other people in Europe are similar to them, the feeling for the
European community. In previous projects, where each organization has been
involved, all documents the impression that "Europe works better on a small scale":
direct human contact, and where this is not possible, knowledge of families and similar
to Europe, leads to mutual understanding and sympathy across national borders, which
today threatens to solidify again. The consortium plans to make greater use of the
similarities and solutions found in a monitoring project.

We have participated in the United Nations Mini-Model event in the Red Room of the Faculty of Law of the University of Granada

On 22.11.2019 we participated in the United Nations Mini-Model event organized by UNSA Granada and the Andalusian Youth Institute, in which we talked about the new walls we have created in Europe and we should roper.

More than 35 young people participated in the event held in the red room of the Faculty of Law of the University of Granada

30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, EUROPA sees “new walls” in society that endangers democracy. Only 42% of the citizens of East Germany consider democracy as the best form of government

In Spain and Europe you can feel and see new walls of disappointment and anger.

Our response in this experience is that there is openness, tolerance and help.

“AIFED” addresses legal issues and raises awareness about the values ​​of Europe in particular.

“AIFED” faces the current challenges facing Europe in the face of growing Euroscepticism and political disenchantment. For youth, the removal of new walls is the key to shaping the future of Europe. We saw how Grenadian youth are committed to democracy and freedom and to overcome these “NEW WALLS”

We have developed a new step in our project: A5. Youth Exchange – Empowering Local Communities through Tourism Entrepreneurship – 01.11.2019-10.11.2019, Telavi, Georgia (8 activity days + travel days)

The youth exchange brought together 8 youngsters from each of the partner countries. The aim of the YE has been to empower participants to develop sustainable tourism practices and create a space where they shared innovative tourism ideas that make use of the potential of their region.

The youth exchange offered an innovative practical approach and participants have developed practical abilities, proactive behaviors, creativity and organizational skills. The participants developed their business ideas in tourism during the mobility days.

The youth exchange made use of non-formal education methods. The workshops were implemented by each country group – the young people was supported by the leaders in implementing the workshops. The young people will receive further support from their sending organization in implementing their business plans at the local level.

Several days ago, between 5 to 7th of november, the New Walls Broken parter in Spain went to Jena to take part in the first sesión of this proyect which coincided with the Berlin Wall fall conmemoration, this first sesión was in the city of Jena (Germany).

We did a lot of activities about this fantastic proyect in memory of that fallen Wall and the new walls that we must broke, as our name says, this activities were, a “Protest March” about this New Walls that we have in Europe, we did it in the same way as the Berlin Wall protests marchs in the last century, sensitizing the polulation about this things.

We did there a lot of activities with politicians and students, showing to them how Europe problems are working in others countries of the community and how their own problems are working too.

We have held the kick off meeting of our Singing and Making Melody in your Heart project, in Granada from October 14 to 17, 2019

AIFED has hosted this meeting in which we had the first contact and prepared together the strategies and tools to achieve the important objectives of this project. We have also congratulated the quality of the partnership and the good working environment

“Singing and Making Melody in your Heart”

Our idea was reflected in a 2-year schedule of the Project, divided also in four (4) semesters. Previously, the Committee had to answer the most crucial question: what does the entire European and much more the global community have in common, that already preexists in any local or regional environment and so it could be directly accessible? How any local cultural tradition could be the entrance to the history and culture of the whole humanity? Which monuments or historical figures of our Greco-Roman and Christian world could be presented as symbols of universal values? As the European school community living in the postmodern age do, we need to rediscover, share and rethink of our ancient, medieval and modern heritage? However, we are looking for the meeting point of all cultures, the simplest international language. It is no other than the Art itself.

Our schedule consists of four (4) major Semesters, each of which has its distinct requirements and goals. During a Semester, teachers and students will have to conclude a specific program (courses, workshops, educational programs etc.), which is to be presented afterwards through a festival and a scientific conference. All programs are addressed directly to the involved school’s community, but also to the broader community through the mass media and social media.

We have celebrated the Multiplaier Event of the Bvb Migration Project on October 13 in Vienna

Experts and members of the partnership have participated in it. We have discussed the different problems posed by the phenomenon of immigration and refugees in the EU, and the best ways to address them.

A very interesting debate that will improve the results of our project.

European Documentation Center of Granada 16-10-2019: Workshop Walls of Spain

From New Walls Spain we have decided to take the start of the project by first carrying out an awareness exercise with ourselves.

In doing so, we tried to uncover what the needs of Spain were prior to the knowledge of the New Walls; and we conclude that the whole of Spanish society had a very serious problem and was the “ignorance” of the European Union and its work, its most recent history, the reasons for our accession to the union , that is, we consider that society as a whole has a great misinformation with respect to the union to which it belongs.

In this workshop we treat the following walls of Spain:

  1. Youth Work:
    In which the attendees expressed great concern about the qualification of the Spaniards and the fateful labor market in which we find ourselves, so that for a young man it is almost impossible to find a job after finishing his studies. For them, this was a big problem that will have a huge impact on the future, so it is better to prevent a wall than to create it.
  1. Education:
    They encompassed the issue of education in a broader sense by publicizing the profound misinformation in which people live, not because they cannot access information media, but because the population has not been taught to think for themselves, they insisted much in which a great problem or wall was Spain was the education of its inhabitants.
  1. Prejudices:
    Attendees consider prejudice the basis and problem of all the differentiation or identity problems of Spain, they agreed that Spain was a multicultural country, so all Spaniards should be tolerant with respect to other areas of Spain, since there are numerous prejudices or teasing that affect the unit, considered that the prejudice was not the wall, but the spark that produces it.
  1. Global Spain:
    The attendees also considered that Spain is still beginning to globalize and that one of the country’s problems is that its inhabitants still had a mental wall that closed opportunities to open their vision, try new projects, etc.