AIFED presents Fem’trepreneur, its new project for the Anna Lindh Foundation Virtual Marathon

On June 3, 2021, the first activity of the Fem’trepreneur project will begin. This project is coordinated by AIFED and in collaboration with System and Generation (Turkey) and the Center of Capacity Building and Empowerment (Sweden). Fem’trepreneur is included within the framework of the Anna Lindh Foundation Virtual Marathon, proposed to minimize the impact that the COVID-19 crisis has had and continues to have throughout the world and its direct impact on society's organizations. civil. Some of the topics that were proposed were entrepreneurship, gender equality and the inclusion of young people in the world of work, as they are one of the sectors that have been most affected as a result of the pandemic beginning, it was also requested that The issues were addressed from a perspective of intercultural dialogue and hope, at the same time that we gave solutions and more proposals to cope with the current situation and improve, as far as possible, the situation of social exclusion that some groups, previously at risk of marginalization, he could face now.

AIFED has designed the Fem’trepreneur project, which seeks to offer a complete vision of what entrepreneurship and social innovation are, and what is the position of women in the current paradigm. The project will be divided into 4 sessions:

  1. Informative workshop (06/03/21): we will give the definitions of entrepreneurship and social innovation, we will talk about the situation of women in the field of entrepreneurship in different countries, and we will determine which ones offer more and better opportunities.
  2. Debate (06/15/21): we will hold a debate where two teams made up of two people will debate about one of the biggest gender stereotypes that exist, “women are more sensitive and emotional than men, so we don't they should assume positions of responsibility ”. For this debate the Oxford style and its rules will be used.
  3. Debate (06/22/21): we will hold a second debate where two teams will meet again following the Oxford rules for debates. This time the theme will be "specific programs to help women are not fair to men."
  4. Round table (06/25/21): as a closing session, mainly social enterprise founders will be invited to share their experience with all attendees, and to offer their own advice on how to become an entrepreneur who also dedicate part of your effort to offer a social benefit, beyond the product or service you sell.

We hope that this project will be of interest to you and you will enjoy it very much.

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