AIFED is a partner of the project "MUTUAL SHARE FOR WOMAN CARE" coordinated by Demostene (Study Centre for the Promotion of Human Flourishing in Latiano, Italy). This project, which is still underway, is simply beautiful: It seeks to put the focus on the abused woman, building an ecosystem of help completely independent from governmental institutions, where the abused women, help each other, building their own tools, supporting each other in all their needs, from childcare, to actively seeking workshops and extra training to improve or acquire new skills. "Mutual share for women" is a project created to open the possibility of an exchange of good practices between Italy, Spain, Poland and Slovenia in the field of the fight against gender violence, which facilitates the acquisition of new techniques and ways of dealing with this situation that so many women in the world have been involved in at some point in their lives.

We particularly like this project because it always revolves around the victims, they are the ones who build their future from mutual help, and they have total freedom of decision in all matters, which no one knows better than those who have suffered it. The women involved in this project stand out for their conviction that they do not participate in activities that are justly created for women who have suffered gender-based violence but prefer and demand equal treatment as anyone else can receive when it comes to applying for a training course, for example. These women want to take the opportunity to participate in this project, to show that together and working in the same direction, it is easier to overcome any tragedy and also to create a place of mutual collaboration that benefits all participants: women and children.

We wish this project ends successfully, despite the pandemic, and hope that it has inspired you as much as it did us when we first heard about it and were offered the opportunity to join in.