Write with us

Presentation of the initiative:

AIFED in letters arises to give shelter to new talents and expose their voice to the world because, like so many other things in this year, culture has also become very important in the daily life of all of us.

Music, film, painting, theatre or literature have been activities that have occupied hours and hours of our time, serving as a support and almost a lifesaver in these last months we have lived.

In AIFED we have seen for a long time that it is interesting to cooperate with new voices of the literary scene and we believe that this is the ideal time to promote and encourage culture, so we are working on the creation of this platform, a space where people can display their creations and nourish themselves with those of others.

In this corner you will find texts and stories of different themes and styles written by our collaborators.

If you also have something to share and want to be read, this is your chance to write with us. You can do it sending your literary proposal to, where it will be evaluated by a group of experts to give you the support of AIFED in letters.