AIFED has completed the Frem’trepreneur project within the framework of the “Virtual Marathon for dialogue in Euromed” project organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation.

AIFED has coordinated the project "Fem'trepreneur" in collaboration with System and Generation (Turkey) and Center of Capacity Building and Empowerment (Sweden). It is within the framework of the Anna Lindh Foundation's Virtual Marathon.

The project, now completed, was presented under the proposal of contributing to the empowerment of women to become agents of change through social entrepreneurship and innovation. How can the role of women as leaders be supported and what direction can be taken? The project has followed this line of work.

During the four weeks of the project, four online sessions have taken place. There was an information workshop, a couple of debates and a round table discussion, and we had the opportunity to have the participation of the following countries: Italy, Portugal, Romania, Albania, Turkey, Morocco, Sweden, India and Macedonia. The topics discussed in the debates (gender stereotypes and programmes for young women entrepreneurs) have been approached from a perspective of intercultural dialogue and hope, and at the same time solutions and proposals have been given. The round table was a tribute to all these enterprising women. People who were invited were founders of companies, presidents of social enterprises and coordinators of educational projects that aim to train men and women equally in the field of entrepreneurship.

Thanks to the collaboration of all, we have been able to create a common space for dialogue, as well as to share the good practices that are being implemented in the countries that make up this consortium and to promote the participation and empowerment of women in society.


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