“Учебна Работилница Европа”

Association “Academic Workshop Europe” (“Учебна Работилница Европа”) (AWE) was registered in December 2012 in Pleven, Bulgaria by a group of 7 persons with the aim of performing and participating in socially important activities. Working in the association there are 2 employees, as well as volunteers – educators, teachers, sociologists, economists, young people, working in the fields of art and design, IT and others. The association aims to work for the development of well established society and more precisely:

  • Towards strengthening human dignity in Europe
  • Speak up and stand up for peaceful coexistence of nations and ethnicities;
  • Catalyze cultural exchange and understanding between the European nations;
  • Engage constructively with important issues from the European history
  • In addition, promote and, respectively, deepen the processes of democratization in Europe, including development of civil society and gender equality;
  • Mobilize and coordinate the activities of regional, national and international institutions in the implementation of projects and initiatives for development and mobility, in order to reach agreement and cooperation;
  • Support, encourage and promote the free initiative of European citizens.